Miriam Felici

I am a digital product & interaction designer working across different media.
In my practice I focus on creative use of technology, investigating how art and design can change the way we interact with each other and the world.


Interactive Installation & Students Tutoring

OBRE EL TUPPER_ is the result of Akyute’s collaboration with @elisavabcn alongside an amazing group of students from the Masters in Data & Design as part of a Data Sonification Workshop tutored by Alex Bordanova, developer at Domestic Data Streamers.  

Over the course of two weeks we have been developing an interactive data installation for TUPPER_ Festival, a cultural proyect developed by DeDO and Ableton User Group of Barcelona with the aim to promote the local electronic music scene, hosting live music, DJ sessions and free workshops.

Organized by: @iron.piron @dedobarcelona
Tutored by: @alexbordanova in collaboration with @akyute_
Powered by: @darp_3d_renders @ignayats @pseudogeologist @ploplu @ometrico www.salatino.me

Full project