Miriam Felici

I am a digital product & interaction designer working across different media.
In my practice I focus on creative use of technology, investigating how art and design can change the way we interact with each other and the world.


Digital Design & Digital Art Direction

Since 2014 I work with brands and organisations to guide, create and translate ideas into digital products and services.
Some of my clients include: Gran Teatre del Liceu, Palau de la Música Catalana, Ajuntament de Barcelona, Centre LGTBI de Barcelona. 


Interactive Installations

Akyute is a Barcelona based collective co-founded in 2019 with Natalia Gima and Mago Hart.

In our practice we use technology as a means to reconnect the human experience with the natural world, integrating nature into the digital age, unifying interaction design, audiovisual arts and generative sound.

Plant biofeedback
An ongoing investigation on plants intelligence that started with Akyute’s first installation at Mutek ES 2019 in Barcelona.
The projects develeoped as part of the investigation aim to put in evidence the intangible reflection of nature on us through biodata sonification, using technology as a tool to create new narratives and re-question our future.

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WVN |  2019
Audiovisual Installation

A large-format reactive audiovisual piece designed for BAU (Design College of Barcelona) as part of OFF Llum BCN 2020. The light sculpture suspended in the air evokes the industrial past of the BAU Headquarters Building. Emphasizing its previous use as a fabric storage warehouse, the light projected by two lasers generates a woven pattern reflecting upon the metal wires installed on the upper hall of the building.

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AURAL |  2019
Interactive Installation

An immersive experience that allows participants to “hack” their electromagnetic field. Through the physical interaction with a light sculpture, participants design a soundscape which they are able to modify in real-time. Creating a feedback loop of action and reaction between the physical and energetic body, the emitted frequencies provoke a state of deep relaxation.

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